Monday, June 21, 2010

Oh dang. Can't sleep

I always have like a BAJILLION good ideas when I'm supposed to be sleeping.
Then I can't remember them laterr.
Right now, I really want to make a GOOD fashion blog.
About REAL clothes ya know? Like stuff you can afford and cute things(:
See I'm already forgetting!
Anyway here's my question to you:
what would you like to see in this blog?
Just stuff about my life (blah!) haha
I wanna know!!!
Oh yeah and I say TOY STORY 3(:!
I loved it!
-to infinity and beyond,

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hello(: happy june 1st

i havent been on in forever!
1) because i was banned from the computer for having a B in math
2) i have been at MSU for ODSSEY OF THE MIND WORLD FINALS(:
i am not going to explain OotM because its really hard! basically its creative problem solving i guess. Anywy it was REALLY fun because
*what is it with me and listing things today?*
1) we got 12th put 0f 59 teams in our problem
2) it was pretty much just really fun (unless our team was fighting)
3) i met a boy.
and hes ficking amazing. dude. not even joking. its so crazy though because he lives in Virginia and that is FAR FAR away from me.
he wrote a song about me(:
and thats all i am gonna say... MAWHAHAHA

- to infinity and beyond
p.s. im falling with style!
oh yeah and im a henna tattoo junkie!
i forgot what i was really gonna say.....