Saturday, September 18, 2010

trying not to hope for the best.

so y dad hasnt been home in . . 2 weeks almost.
thats actually a good thing. but the reason hes gone is sad, my grandma us in the hospital.
anyway, i have a B- in pre ap english.
and tonight i am planning on going to a sleepover.
but since i have a B- my dad might not let me go. even though hes not even in this state. so im trying not to get my hopes up. Because if he mentins it, my momwill side with him and i wont be able to go.

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Dedicated to the girl that gives me all her old pointe shoes(:
Jillian Bonnell

✓ My Panties - Magicwandos Vampires Suck (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
- Its in the original play list that game me the idea, and its hilarious!

✓ Behind Blue Eyes - Limp Bizkit Results May Vary Rock
- its all sad and lonesome. *Listen to when feeling misunderstood. ** has that guitar/ballad-ish quality.

✓ Where Does the Good Go - Tegan and Sara So Jealous Alternative
- Where did it go? Things were good, where did that go? * Listen to when remembering past relationships you miss. **guitar and vocals/ ballad-ish quality.

✓ The Winner Takes It All - Meryl Streep Mamma Mia!
- The winner gets everything. Seriously, only one person decideds when its over (the winner) sucks for the loser. * Listen to when you feel like a loser

✓ Twilight - Vanessa Carlton Be Not Nobody Rock
- Its about never being the same after someone came into your life. * Listen to when you feel gloomy and different. **almost a hopeful song, with a dark melody.

✓ Paint It Black - Vanessa Carlton Be Not Nobody Rock
- About someone you love dyeing. **has that loud rockish sound. * listen to when you feel angry about losing someone.

✓ Everything's Just Wonderful - Lily Allen Alright, Still Pop
- So after all these songs ( and all the craapy stuff ging on) you pretend that everything is F.I.N.E. but that really mean Fucked up, Insecure , Necrotic, Emotional.

✓ Some Dumb Girl - Anjulie Anjulie (Bonus Track Version) Pop
- Then you get angery. and this on eis on the mix becasue people may call me a whore for doing what i did, BUT IM NOT SOME DUMB GIRL.

✓ Knock 'Em Out - Lily Allen Alright, Still Pop
- Pretty much its all in the tittle, I wish i could just knock' em out.

✓ Misery Business - Paramore Riot! Alternative
- This one is about making people miserable. 'nuf said.

✓ Take Me To A Higher Plane - Kate Nash My Best Friend Is You Pop
- This is absolutely my favorite song. Who doesn't love an extremely upbeat song (almost cheerful sounding) thats about. . . killing yourself.

✓ Make Me Wanna Die - The Pretty Reckless The Pretty Reckless - EP Alternative
- Less upbeat version. Gotta love it too. This one is angrier sounding.

✓ Later On - Kate Nash My Best Friend Is You Pop
- The chours is my faveorite part because i always feel like crying my eyes out but i know its not doing any good.

✓ Mansion Song - Kate Nash My Best Friend Is You Pop
- Its full of angst. and CURSE WORDS.

✓ Same Damn Thing - Anjulie Anjulie (Bonus Track Version) Pop
- Chorus = love. Its always the same damn thing.

✓ Foundations (Clean Edit) - Kate Nash Foundations (Clean Edit) - Single Pop
- About bad relationships. ones you wished you didn't have. . .

✓ So What - P!nk Funhouse (Deluxe Version) Pop
- Angry breakup song. YES.

✓ Crushcrushcrush - Paramore Riot! Alternative
- I have got alot to say. and he doesn't listen. **mad, loud feeling. gotta blast this song.

✓ That's What You Get - Paramore Riot! Alternative
- You get nothing when you let your heart win. it sucks.

✓ Funhouse - P!nk Funhouse (Deluxe Version) Pop
- Bad relathionships again, or breaking up.

✓ Over My Head - the fray
- Everyone in over their heads.

✓ I Do Not Hook Up - Kelly Clarkson All I Ever Wanted (Deluxe Version) Pop
- I feel like i cant listen to this song anymore. . . its sorta a lie.

✓ Goin' Down - The Pretty Reckless The Pretty Reckless - EP Alternative
- Life goign down. Bad people, bad days ect.