Friday, October 15, 2010

thats alright.

what a moody moody week. Heres what went down.. .
I went to homecoming. Ours is informal, shorts and tshirts informal. It was really funQ1 at first. and then HE WAS THERE. HES not supposed to be there! It was a friday night, he should have been working :P
"I'm dancing with tears in my eyes"
anway. that was bad. next, I went to gallup! which was very good, and the guy my cousin has like for AGES asked her to homecoming(: and then I got asked to homecoming(: by my dear friend Jillian, who goes to a different school. so thats where I am going tonight! go second chances! also, i have a slushie, so all is well.

Friday, October 1, 2010

happy october 1st

its October, guess what that means?!?! HALLOWEEN YO!
i looovvee halloween, but i dont know what t be D: i also promised this one girl i'd make her a Cinderella costume. The only thing i DO know is that i am making and fantastic outfit for the day of the dead. I can explain that later because right now, i have to straighten my hair!
p.s i did get to go to my friends last weekend (:
-to infinity and beyond
that is a picture of my friend being TEXTUALLY ACTIVE * gasp* i think its cool(: