Friday, February 26, 2010

good morning cow boys !

Rodeo Break!
hooray! It means we get thursday and friday off! haha sweet!
I am not going to gallup, did I already say that? I kinda wish i was because I REALLY need to speak with
celeste f. c. knight >
The screen prints are coming along nicely, all I have to do is get ink!
I am not a very good girlfriend, so I dont know what I am going to do. Hmmm
I have listened to the song
Fidelity By Regina Spektor
181 times :)
I have to do community service today. Or tomorrow. Actually probably both days.
Then I need to work out :D
Oh and yesterday a few of my neighborhood friends and I played this game, in the end they all bid their money to hit me in the face with a whipped cream pie. it was actually quite entertaining except some how i got it in the back of my hair. o.O weird!
over and out.
dance sing and regina spektor

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Actually, Your cousin really isn't that hot. Sorry

I am supposed to be on the way to Gallup NM. But im not. :P
If we end up going (its rodeo break) then we will leave tomorrow, but I think I'd rather go durning spring break and stay here and hang out and stuff.
I still havent completed my goals! :(
I always forget the picture one when i see him.
and the other one i havent done either.
oh poo.
On a different topic, Im gonna make my own screen for a shirt. (screen printing)
Basicly so I can print an image on a shirt if ya dont know what that is :)
This one is for Perry. :P
oh and speaking of Perry
He's in my L.A. group and him and Adam were saying... odd things. o.O
thats it!
over and out :D

Monday, February 22, 2010

I really am not fond of those girls at my school who complain about the rain because it makes their hair frizzie! it's vair vair annyoing. I wanna be like
SHUT UP! At least it IS rainy!
Because I love the rainy weather we had today!
Oh yeah and also. I'm mad at my best friend. She has work :P so she can't hang out. Yes this sounds very mean, so I will explain later.
Good night!

Honey never spoils

good after noon!
its after school (duh) and im home! hahaha no climbing for me tonight!!! hooray!
best parts of the day
1) its raining
2) i had fun in the rain ;)
but i still haven't officially completed goal number to :/
oh well. if it rains tomorrow i WILL!!!
oh and im having hot cocoa and rice cake with honey :o hehe because its rainy and gray outside and i got soaked waiting to be picked up from school

Friday, February 19, 2010

fridays are not the best.

I dont like fridays because then i dont see anyone for two days. And I'm not allowed to do anything on sundays ( "family day" ) so im gonna be bored.
But on a different note, I have pointe class today :)
and I have Julian's old ones, hence the name Hand me down pointe shoes :))
also, i didnt do what i told myself i would do which was
1) take a picture of stefan so i could show my cousin
2) something else ;)
weekends are to bust for me,
how was your week?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Boys && Bracelets

How come there are all these "scene" guys have neon colored bracelets with the big'ol beads we used to use in kinder garden? I dont get it. Cuz sometimes they dont even wear them, they like have 'em on a key chain. Do you get what im talking about?
Ok and secondly:
i got a boyfriend. :)
stefan :)
maria if you read this, sorry, i do care that austin/trenton likes harry potter :) and dont be mad!
now i really should get off the computer!

ipods and eyeliner

yesturady, i had to go rock climbing and a made a deal with me brother.
The ipod touch is now officially mine!
so ha.
But i think i made his friend cry because i got it even though wanted to buy it. Oh well. I would be lost with out it.
I am almost out of eyeliner :'( maybe its because i've been wearing to much. *sigh*
On a happy note, yesterday to guys said "i love you" during our text conversations and they both offered to go climbing with me :) hooray!
Have a wonderful Day!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines :)

My blog is officially starting on:

Febuary 14, 2010 Valentines day

So how was your valentines day? Mine was pretty fun. More later, I have to go to bed soon!! lol
-peace out