Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Actually, Your cousin really isn't that hot. Sorry

I am supposed to be on the way to Gallup NM. But im not. :P
If we end up going (its rodeo break) then we will leave tomorrow, but I think I'd rather go durning spring break and stay here and hang out and stuff.
I still havent completed my goals! :(
I always forget the picture one when i see him.
and the other one i havent done either.
oh poo.
On a different topic, Im gonna make my own screen for a shirt. (screen printing)
Basicly so I can print an image on a shirt if ya dont know what that is :)
This one is for Perry. :P
oh and speaking of Perry
He's in my L.A. group and him and Adam were saying... odd things. o.O
thats it!
over and out :D

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  1. perry drew another picture of me in gemometry:p text me if you want me to send it to you. i took a picture.
    gosh darnit young lady when are you going to complete yout goals!! you know he wants you too;) the screen printing sounds awsome!