Saturday, January 22, 2011

some stuff

no one ever, ever know the whooolllee story. you may thin you do but you dont(; and tonight was great. this has been crazy.
let me start at the start.
friday: in drama class. . . stuff happened with these guys. but im pretty sure i dont like LIKE them.just now, devins not the last guy.
and then today, i spent the day volentering at an OotM thing, and then i went to "winter fest" thats at my old middle school.
that was bad. at first.
because im pretty sure i got broken up with. like as a friend, ya know, like he broke off us being friends. so that was shitty.
but then:
CODE NAME: math, was there. and he is nice, and sweet, and cute, and gave me his jacket. and. . . yeah. i want to see him again.
the end.