Thursday, December 23, 2010

Monday, December 20, 2010

who do you think you are?

Sunday, December 19, 2010

this life is like a life unlived

In school they teach me what “I will need to know later” so i can “succeed” in the “adult world”. What I’d really like to learn is what i need to know now.

Because if i don’t, I may not survive to be a part of the “adult world”

Teach me what the hell I need to know in this world.

right now i'm waiting for something.

i feel like i'm always waiting for something.

everyday at school, i'm waiting for you to look me in the eye and tell me what you feel.

i come home and i wait for someone to call me to come out .

i go to a friends house and i'm waiting for my parents to yell for me to come back home.

i'm at dinner and i'm waiting to be excused so i can go to my room to wait to fall asleep.

I feel like i'm waiting for my life to start.

then i read a quote on polyvore and its like " live your fucking life" and i don't know how.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

#30 thirtieth posssttt

went to a concert
-chritina Perri
-ryan Start
-ingrid Michealson
-plain white tees
-Sara Bareilles
then had a dance recital. mehhh okay.
and the pictures?
becasue they are COOL.
- to infinity and beyond

Friday, October 15, 2010

thats alright.

what a moody moody week. Heres what went down.. .
I went to homecoming. Ours is informal, shorts and tshirts informal. It was really funQ1 at first. and then HE WAS THERE. HES not supposed to be there! It was a friday night, he should have been working :P
"I'm dancing with tears in my eyes"
anway. that was bad. next, I went to gallup! which was very good, and the guy my cousin has like for AGES asked her to homecoming(: and then I got asked to homecoming(: by my dear friend Jillian, who goes to a different school. so thats where I am going tonight! go second chances! also, i have a slushie, so all is well.

Friday, October 1, 2010

happy october 1st

its October, guess what that means?!?! HALLOWEEN YO!
i looovvee halloween, but i dont know what t be D: i also promised this one girl i'd make her a Cinderella costume. The only thing i DO know is that i am making and fantastic outfit for the day of the dead. I can explain that later because right now, i have to straighten my hair!
p.s i did get to go to my friends last weekend (:
-to infinity and beyond
that is a picture of my friend being TEXTUALLY ACTIVE * gasp* i think its cool(:

Saturday, September 18, 2010

trying not to hope for the best.

so y dad hasnt been home in . . 2 weeks almost.
thats actually a good thing. but the reason hes gone is sad, my grandma us in the hospital.
anyway, i have a B- in pre ap english.
and tonight i am planning on going to a sleepover.
but since i have a B- my dad might not let me go. even though hes not even in this state. so im trying not to get my hopes up. Because if he mentins it, my momwill side with him and i wont be able to go.

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Dedicated to the girl that gives me all her old pointe shoes(:
Jillian Bonnell

✓ My Panties - Magicwandos Vampires Suck (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
- Its in the original play list that game me the idea, and its hilarious!

✓ Behind Blue Eyes - Limp Bizkit Results May Vary Rock
- its all sad and lonesome. *Listen to when feeling misunderstood. ** has that guitar/ballad-ish quality.

✓ Where Does the Good Go - Tegan and Sara So Jealous Alternative
- Where did it go? Things were good, where did that go? * Listen to when remembering past relationships you miss. **guitar and vocals/ ballad-ish quality.

✓ The Winner Takes It All - Meryl Streep Mamma Mia!
- The winner gets everything. Seriously, only one person decideds when its over (the winner) sucks for the loser. * Listen to when you feel like a loser

✓ Twilight - Vanessa Carlton Be Not Nobody Rock
- Its about never being the same after someone came into your life. * Listen to when you feel gloomy and different. **almost a hopeful song, with a dark melody.

✓ Paint It Black - Vanessa Carlton Be Not Nobody Rock
- About someone you love dyeing. **has that loud rockish sound. * listen to when you feel angry about losing someone.

✓ Everything's Just Wonderful - Lily Allen Alright, Still Pop
- So after all these songs ( and all the craapy stuff ging on) you pretend that everything is F.I.N.E. but that really mean Fucked up, Insecure , Necrotic, Emotional.

✓ Some Dumb Girl - Anjulie Anjulie (Bonus Track Version) Pop
- Then you get angery. and this on eis on the mix becasue people may call me a whore for doing what i did, BUT IM NOT SOME DUMB GIRL.

✓ Knock 'Em Out - Lily Allen Alright, Still Pop
- Pretty much its all in the tittle, I wish i could just knock' em out.

✓ Misery Business - Paramore Riot! Alternative
- This one is about making people miserable. 'nuf said.

✓ Take Me To A Higher Plane - Kate Nash My Best Friend Is You Pop
- This is absolutely my favorite song. Who doesn't love an extremely upbeat song (almost cheerful sounding) thats about. . . killing yourself.

✓ Make Me Wanna Die - The Pretty Reckless The Pretty Reckless - EP Alternative
- Less upbeat version. Gotta love it too. This one is angrier sounding.

✓ Later On - Kate Nash My Best Friend Is You Pop
- The chours is my faveorite part because i always feel like crying my eyes out but i know its not doing any good.

✓ Mansion Song - Kate Nash My Best Friend Is You Pop
- Its full of angst. and CURSE WORDS.

✓ Same Damn Thing - Anjulie Anjulie (Bonus Track Version) Pop
- Chorus = love. Its always the same damn thing.

✓ Foundations (Clean Edit) - Kate Nash Foundations (Clean Edit) - Single Pop
- About bad relationships. ones you wished you didn't have. . .

✓ So What - P!nk Funhouse (Deluxe Version) Pop
- Angry breakup song. YES.

✓ Crushcrushcrush - Paramore Riot! Alternative
- I have got alot to say. and he doesn't listen. **mad, loud feeling. gotta blast this song.

✓ That's What You Get - Paramore Riot! Alternative
- You get nothing when you let your heart win. it sucks.

✓ Funhouse - P!nk Funhouse (Deluxe Version) Pop
- Bad relathionships again, or breaking up.

✓ Over My Head - the fray
- Everyone in over their heads.

✓ I Do Not Hook Up - Kelly Clarkson All I Ever Wanted (Deluxe Version) Pop
- I feel like i cant listen to this song anymore. . . its sorta a lie.

✓ Goin' Down - The Pretty Reckless The Pretty Reckless - EP Alternative
- Life goign down. Bad people, bad days ect.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

They are going camping, so im gonna go shopping :P

hah makes me sound like such a city giirl(:
but i kinda wanted to go camping with everyone (in my neighborhood) but then i was like ew no. But THEN i realized ALL the kids are going so im gonna have no one to hang out with this weekend and they are gonna come back with inside jokes. and china wants to make a move on italy. *siigh* but ally is resisting.
so i am going to go to H&M ( IT OPENED THE 19th :) with my dance friends :D
Im so excited cuz we never really do stuff outside of dance, so it should be fuunnnn(:
anyway, i also wanna see vampires suck!
OH and i had a toy story dream last night!
to infinity and beyond,

Saturday, August 14, 2010

teenage dream . .

high school started.
i like it(: turns out i have a class with noa. who doesnt like me, BUT my friend likes him(; haha also i like my french class and such. i was the top scoring freshman in ac dec the fist day! :D go me! except the next day i got about 2 questions. . right. haha and there is this superrr hot guy in my math class, he has snake bites(: so my friends are like ew! except for Jillian<3 because we have the same taste!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

p.s. you got me feeling like _____?

SO. My bestfriend (guy) asked me if i liked him as more than a friend.
i said no.
I realllllyy do like him. as more than a friend.
and then he said:
good. and got offline (fb chat)
so all in all that is ALL i've been thinking of since tuesday. because hes in rome. for three weeks. and i texted him sayingthat i messed up and he never replied.
maybe he didnt get the message *says hopefully*

to infinity and beyond

Thursday, July 1, 2010

JULY first!

i just thought i should enter one because its july first!
i am starting this month with $21
and i think im gonna make a dress
and im going to acdec today! yay!
thats all
peace out.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Oh dang. Can't sleep

I always have like a BAJILLION good ideas when I'm supposed to be sleeping.
Then I can't remember them laterr.
Right now, I really want to make a GOOD fashion blog.
About REAL clothes ya know? Like stuff you can afford and cute things(:
See I'm already forgetting!
Anyway here's my question to you:
what would you like to see in this blog?
Just stuff about my life (blah!) haha
I wanna know!!!
Oh yeah and I say TOY STORY 3(:!
I loved it!
-to infinity and beyond,

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hello(: happy june 1st

i havent been on in forever!
1) because i was banned from the computer for having a B in math
2) i have been at MSU for ODSSEY OF THE MIND WORLD FINALS(:
i am not going to explain OotM because its really hard! basically its creative problem solving i guess. Anywy it was REALLY fun because
*what is it with me and listing things today?*
1) we got 12th put 0f 59 teams in our problem
2) it was pretty much just really fun (unless our team was fighting)
3) i met a boy.
and hes ficking amazing. dude. not even joking. its so crazy though because he lives in Virginia and that is FAR FAR away from me.
he wrote a song about me(:
and thats all i am gonna say... MAWHAHAHA

- to infinity and beyond
p.s. im falling with style!
oh yeah and im a henna tattoo junkie!
i forgot what i was really gonna say.....

Thursday, April 15, 2010

dude. i am alive

so i have been hanging out with this one friend all week.
i love her to death
or more like she has only on topic to listen to,
herself + this guy
that guy already has a gf (they went out awhile ago) but now shes like
he loves me more (yadda yadda) and im like HE HAS A GF! your the other women XD
and yeah, i mean get it and its fun to talk about
i am alive to!
listen to me!
i texted her tonight and said how i probably wouldnt be able to go to this BIG dance at the end of the year and she says
"oh darn. you wont be able to see us {that guy} together!"
im like SHEESH!
yeahh, //thats// why im sad, not because there is this guy I wanna go with or anything.
so i said
"um sure."
and she said " i will take pics [of us] for you!"

and i mean i love her but, its kinda bugging me.
i've been looking forward to this since 6th grade ans she didnt bother to ask why i culd go.
thanks a heap.
sorry for the long rant.
you see, nobody listens

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

im holding my tongue: but i hate. . . this

I cant see why you dont see it. I cry EVERY TIME we go out to lunch. I am LITERALY biting my tongue while you go on and on. I dont want to make a scene in public. but you make me so mad. i am not crying over my math grade.
i am not crying because math is to hard for me.
i am not crying because math make me upset.
i am not crying because i am sad.
I am crying because YOU MAKE ME ANGREY.
All you ever say to me is "how was school?"
"how was math?"
"wait. you dont have an A yet?"
"whats wrong with you?"
"we need to get you help"
i hate. . i want to say "you" so much but im trying to control it.
I hate that all you care about is my grade.
i used to be proud of myself when i got A's
now. . . i cry.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

I didnt realize that i was... what am i?

apparently, i really do dress/look scene. ek!
I didn't realize it was this serious. My friend who is quite.. well actually we are more alike now told me i was looking sceneie. And if shes thinking it, chances are other people are thinking it. Not that I am scared of what other people think, I just don't honestly want to be thought of as scene! I admit that before. . . yes i kinda did, but now. . . not so much :? i kinda was doing thinking and I'd rather dress like
an ACTUAL prep.
NOT holister, Abercrombie, areo, ect.
But A REAL prep by my (and kate's) definition, a clean cut, natural pretty, and not revealing kinda. Get it?
dang. kate sure rubs off on me. Now everyone is gonna think im a hypocrite but oh well!
they are good every once in a while. already like 3 this year(:
to infinity and BEYOND!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

stupid 50 item limit!

Short shorts & Scene hair

I like wearing shorts with high heels.
I am NOT a slut though. ;)
we had a concert and i was wearing my choir dress with heels and shorts and a tank top under neath. Also, i got my hair cut and i've been told "if you tease it, you look scene!!"
So i think im gonna tease it hehehehe
just for fun
im also going to skateboard today and im going to join a [polyvore RP>
wish me luck

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dont call me baby.

Dont cha just HATE drama!
gahhh! Its not even a real reason that they are fighting! Its gonna ruin their trip. I wish I was going because last year we had SO MUCH FUN!
I like the kind of drama were you fight and yell and know exactly what you did.
the kind were one side ignores the other and the have NO idea what they did because to them it wasnt a big deal.
anyway. The san Diego trip was LOTS of fun :))
kinda stated to like this one guys, who then went out with my friend for like 4 days, they broke up today and she said
it was like all he wanted her for was to make out
sound familiar?
i thought so to. but oh well. he isnt gonna go to our school anymore so that should blow over quick.
UNLIKE this drama. One has been ignoring the other for like 3 weeks. Oh darn
anyway. good luck to them.
-up up & away

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sleeping in skinny jeans

I meant to do this before cuz now I'm doing it on my iPod in bed while I'm supposed to be asleep.
Ok so here's the news:
1) I broke up with my now ex boyfriend, that was Wednesday and it wasn't as bad as I thought. Bough I a wasn't as ok with it as I thought I'd be.
2) tonight I've Been (still am) talking to this guy that I pretty much like and was oringinally gonna go out with when I broke up with S it were talking about the girl he'S madly in love with. She doesn't like him so now he hates himself pretty much.
Pretty wacky week!
Today was fun though. We were being very. . Dirty in L.A ;) haha
And last but not least:
Tomorrow I'm leaving for califonia at 6 am for a choir trip! Yay! But that means I have to get up at four in order to be at the school at five. So really I should be asleep now!

-up up and away!
P.s. I got 132 hugs today (all from different people) what fun!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

p.s Check this out
Invisible Children on PhotoPeach

happy March third!

how come everyone has those formspring account things?
may be i will make one :O
my car got stolen. oh my.
poo on toast. and thats about all for right now.

Monday, March 1, 2010

hp collab :D

Guess what week it is! ☠☠☠

* Drum Roll*
which means my dear friend ally and I pool our black clothes and sort out what to wear when. Its mostly all black and then we do really dark makeup. hehehe its pretty fun.
*disclaimer: I am not goth, nor am I trying to offend those who are. I love the gothic style and culture :D our "goth week" is just for fun and we dont actually think we are goth.*
poseur goth week basicly. And thats that!
sighed off

Friday, February 26, 2010

good morning cow boys !

Rodeo Break!
hooray! It means we get thursday and friday off! haha sweet!
I am not going to gallup, did I already say that? I kinda wish i was because I REALLY need to speak with
celeste f. c. knight >
The screen prints are coming along nicely, all I have to do is get ink!
I am not a very good girlfriend, so I dont know what I am going to do. Hmmm
I have listened to the song
Fidelity By Regina Spektor
181 times :)
I have to do community service today. Or tomorrow. Actually probably both days.
Then I need to work out :D
Oh and yesterday a few of my neighborhood friends and I played this game, in the end they all bid their money to hit me in the face with a whipped cream pie. it was actually quite entertaining except some how i got it in the back of my hair. o.O weird!
over and out.
dance sing and regina spektor

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Actually, Your cousin really isn't that hot. Sorry

I am supposed to be on the way to Gallup NM. But im not. :P
If we end up going (its rodeo break) then we will leave tomorrow, but I think I'd rather go durning spring break and stay here and hang out and stuff.
I still havent completed my goals! :(
I always forget the picture one when i see him.
and the other one i havent done either.
oh poo.
On a different topic, Im gonna make my own screen for a shirt. (screen printing)
Basicly so I can print an image on a shirt if ya dont know what that is :)
This one is for Perry. :P
oh and speaking of Perry
He's in my L.A. group and him and Adam were saying... odd things. o.O
thats it!
over and out :D

Monday, February 22, 2010

I really am not fond of those girls at my school who complain about the rain because it makes their hair frizzie! it's vair vair annyoing. I wanna be like
SHUT UP! At least it IS rainy!
Because I love the rainy weather we had today!
Oh yeah and also. I'm mad at my best friend. She has work :P so she can't hang out. Yes this sounds very mean, so I will explain later.
Good night!

Honey never spoils

good after noon!
its after school (duh) and im home! hahaha no climbing for me tonight!!! hooray!
best parts of the day
1) its raining
2) i had fun in the rain ;)
but i still haven't officially completed goal number to :/
oh well. if it rains tomorrow i WILL!!!
oh and im having hot cocoa and rice cake with honey :o hehe because its rainy and gray outside and i got soaked waiting to be picked up from school

Friday, February 19, 2010

fridays are not the best.

I dont like fridays because then i dont see anyone for two days. And I'm not allowed to do anything on sundays ( "family day" ) so im gonna be bored.
But on a different note, I have pointe class today :)
and I have Julian's old ones, hence the name Hand me down pointe shoes :))
also, i didnt do what i told myself i would do which was
1) take a picture of stefan so i could show my cousin
2) something else ;)
weekends are to bust for me,
how was your week?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Boys && Bracelets

How come there are all these "scene" guys have neon colored bracelets with the big'ol beads we used to use in kinder garden? I dont get it. Cuz sometimes they dont even wear them, they like have 'em on a key chain. Do you get what im talking about?
Ok and secondly:
i got a boyfriend. :)
stefan :)
maria if you read this, sorry, i do care that austin/trenton likes harry potter :) and dont be mad!
now i really should get off the computer!

ipods and eyeliner

yesturady, i had to go rock climbing and a made a deal with me brother.
The ipod touch is now officially mine!
so ha.
But i think i made his friend cry because i got it even though wanted to buy it. Oh well. I would be lost with out it.
I am almost out of eyeliner :'( maybe its because i've been wearing to much. *sigh*
On a happy note, yesterday to guys said "i love you" during our text conversations and they both offered to go climbing with me :) hooray!
Have a wonderful Day!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines :)

My blog is officially starting on:

Febuary 14, 2010 Valentines day

So how was your valentines day? Mine was pretty fun. More later, I have to go to bed soon!! lol
-peace out