Wednesday, April 7, 2010

im holding my tongue: but i hate. . . this

I cant see why you dont see it. I cry EVERY TIME we go out to lunch. I am LITERALY biting my tongue while you go on and on. I dont want to make a scene in public. but you make me so mad. i am not crying over my math grade.
i am not crying because math is to hard for me.
i am not crying because math make me upset.
i am not crying because i am sad.
I am crying because YOU MAKE ME ANGREY.
All you ever say to me is "how was school?"
"how was math?"
"wait. you dont have an A yet?"
"whats wrong with you?"
"we need to get you help"
i hate. . i want to say "you" so much but im trying to control it.
I hate that all you care about is my grade.
i used to be proud of myself when i got A's
now. . . i cry.

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