Saturday, April 3, 2010

I didnt realize that i was... what am i?

apparently, i really do dress/look scene. ek!
I didn't realize it was this serious. My friend who is quite.. well actually we are more alike now told me i was looking sceneie. And if shes thinking it, chances are other people are thinking it. Not that I am scared of what other people think, I just don't honestly want to be thought of as scene! I admit that before. . . yes i kinda did, but now. . . not so much :? i kinda was doing thinking and I'd rather dress like
an ACTUAL prep.
NOT holister, Abercrombie, areo, ect.
But A REAL prep by my (and kate's) definition, a clean cut, natural pretty, and not revealing kinda. Get it?
dang. kate sure rubs off on me. Now everyone is gonna think im a hypocrite but oh well!
they are good every once in a while. already like 3 this year(:
to infinity and BEYOND!

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