Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sleeping in skinny jeans

I meant to do this before cuz now I'm doing it on my iPod in bed while I'm supposed to be asleep.
Ok so here's the news:
1) I broke up with my now ex boyfriend, that was Wednesday and it wasn't as bad as I thought. Bough I a wasn't as ok with it as I thought I'd be.
2) tonight I've Been (still am) talking to this guy that I pretty much like and was oringinally gonna go out with when I broke up with S it were talking about the girl he'S madly in love with. She doesn't like him so now he hates himself pretty much.
Pretty wacky week!
Today was fun though. We were being very. . Dirty in L.A ;) haha
And last but not least:
Tomorrow I'm leaving for califonia at 6 am for a choir trip! Yay! But that means I have to get up at four in order to be at the school at five. So really I should be asleep now!

-up up and away!
P.s. I got 132 hugs today (all from different people) what fun!

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