Sunday, March 28, 2010

Short shorts & Scene hair

I like wearing shorts with high heels.
I am NOT a slut though. ;)
we had a concert and i was wearing my choir dress with heels and shorts and a tank top under neath. Also, i got my hair cut and i've been told "if you tease it, you look scene!!"
So i think im gonna tease it hehehehe
just for fun
im also going to skateboard today and im going to join a [polyvore RP>
wish me luck


  1. i was shocked when i saw your RP! I think it can be kinda creppy...but I might try it since you did (since you did it means that not everyone who RPs is a creepy loser who entertains herself by pretending to be someone else). I still think celebrity RPs are creepy though.

  2. Well like the point of a RP is to make basically a collaborative story, its juts like a game ya know?