Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dont call me baby.

Dont cha just HATE drama!
gahhh! Its not even a real reason that they are fighting! Its gonna ruin their trip. I wish I was going because last year we had SO MUCH FUN!
I like the kind of drama were you fight and yell and know exactly what you did.
the kind were one side ignores the other and the have NO idea what they did because to them it wasnt a big deal.
anyway. The san Diego trip was LOTS of fun :))
kinda stated to like this one guys, who then went out with my friend for like 4 days, they broke up today and she said
it was like all he wanted her for was to make out
sound familiar?
i thought so to. but oh well. he isnt gonna go to our school anymore so that should blow over quick.
UNLIKE this drama. One has been ignoring the other for like 3 weeks. Oh darn
anyway. good luck to them.
-up up & away

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  1. CIMI was fun. are the drama you were talking about with me know? it was pointless and I have lots to rant about later. ill probably rant on poly. see you tomorrow!